When we decided to place our son Leonidas in the capable hands of the staff at J&J, little did we know it would be a journey that would take more than a ‘few years’. Leo was a handful of babies that J&J took in for daycare services. Back then, they accepted babies under one year old so, at age three months, we would bundle him in his little carrier and every morning drop him off at J&J for a full day. In fact, Leo literally grew up in J&J – from nursery up to six years old, he had been a ‘mainstay’ here. As parents, we took pride and joy every time he came home excited about the things he had learned and crafted in his class. At this point, I really thank the teachers who have made a significant impact on his life, that until this day even though he has gone on to Primary One elsewhere, he still remembers everyone of them – teachers like Teachers Mahes, Durga, Nisha, Asther, Susan and Susie to name a few – have been so integral in his growth mentally and emotionally. Of course, the journey didn’t just end here. We enrolled Leo’s sister when she was one year old. Today Evie is four, and she has been enjoying her time here, especially when it comes to learning languages (thank you, Teacher Elena!). J&J has been a part of our children’s and our lives for more than ten years now. So, for us, being part of J&J means being in it for the long-term. We believe in the education system that J&J has put in place for our children’s development and definitely see the results through their interaction with their peers. And with No. 3 coming along, we wouldn’t need to think further about where we want to place him/her for the best developmental care. Thank you, J&J!