I went to Tadika Jack & Jill as a young little girl from the late 1990s. I fondly remember having caring teachers who taught me how to read, write and spell. I also remember playing in the playground with my friends, and learning new life skills such as how to go to the toilet and how to use money to buy food. The rest of my three younger sisters also follow in my footsteps to study in Tadika J&J. We are definitely proud to be alumni’s of such a reputable pre-school!  Fast forward almost 20 years later, my life crossed paths again with Tadika Jack & Jill. This time, I joined the school as an employee. I am currently working here as part of the leadership team as we aim to bring out the best in your children. It feels like I have come a full cycle, from initially being a student at JJ to now working here. There truly is no where better!