Bringing out the best in your child

Welcome to J&J International! Our pre-school offers an international and holistic programme for young children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years old. We are conveniently located in Section 9, at the heart of Petaling Jaya. Visit us today!

We Care

Your child gets personal attention for better learning outcomes.


We provide learning options for Mandarin or Tamil.

Holistic Approach

Reward and recognition for best characters.

Reasonably Priced

Get value-for-money rates for an enriched programme.

Peace Of Mind

Conducive learning environment at a good location with a secured outdoor playground.

Carefully Picked

We have a very passionate, caring and experienced team of teachers.

“The work of education is divided between the teacher and the environment.”

Maria Montessori

Core Values – EXCEL+

Excellence  Creativity  Exemplary  Love  Positivity

We continuously strive to be the best version of ourselves through creative and innovative thought processes and actions. We lead by example – to always walk the talk – engaging people we encounter with a positive mindset. We also ensure the heart (love) is in the centre of all we create in order to add value to and positively impact the lives around us.

We aim for J&J learners to become:


We exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively.

We understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language and in a variety of modes of communication. They work effectively and willingly interact with others.

We develop their natural curiosity. They actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.

We explore concepts, ideas that have local and global significance. In so doing, they acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines.

We act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, and respect for the dignity of the individual.

To understand and appreciate all cultures and being open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals.

We show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others.

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